John Lasseter Saves Disney From Direct-To-DVD Sequels

We've written at length about our dislike for the horrible direct to dvd sequels which seem to becoming more prevalent. Disney's direct to dvd sequels have always bothered me the most because it's almost like they are purposely trying to ruin my childhood for the sake of a couple dollars.

Good news, Disney will no longer be producing the direct-to-video animated sequels after Sharon Morrill, president of DisneyToon Studios, has been forced to step down as part of the decision to shut down the group.

Pixar executives Steve Jobs and John Lasseter have been very vocal about the quality of the sequels in the past. Lasseter has complained that the releases undercut the value of the original features. According to Jim Hill, Lasseter made the decision to cancel further production of DVD sequels (and fire Morrill) after viewing a "work-in-progress version" of The Tinkerbell Movie. Apparently, Lasseter complained to Disney chief Robert Iger that the movie was "virtually unwatchable." As a direct result, some $30 million worth of animation had to be scrapped. Thank God.