Evan Almighty Is The Most Expensive Comedy Movie Of All Time

Did You Know: Evan Almighty is now the most expensive comedy ever made. The studio initially planned to not cross a $140 million limit. But with the special effects and logistical problems (having real live animals on set can add up), the cost went over $175 million. That means, after press, advertising, prints, and all marketing expenses, Evan Almighty will sport a price tag of over $250 million.

But it's a smart bet. Bruce Almighty made over $80 million in its opening weekend, and over $484 million worldwide by the end of it's run. Evan is not only tracking higher than the first film, but is also tracking above huge summer blockbusters such as Transformers and Live Free or Die Hard.

For Evan Almighty, the magic number would be $500 million. That's how much the film needs to make before it is deemed even. Note: Many people don't know this but the studio only gets around 50% of the ticket sales (that's right, those huge box office numbers reported every Monday morning). But that doesn't take into consideration DVD sales. Bruce made over $77 million in rentals (as of 2/08/04) and over $250 million in home video sales (as of June 2004). So realistically, Evan only needs to earn $250 million at the box office to eventually break even on DVD.