First Die Hard, Now Beverly Hills Cop 4? Are Hollywood Action Sequels Going PG-13?

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has been trying to get Axel back on the big screen, and claims that a writer will be hired in the next couple months, but does Paramount want a PG-13 Beverly Hills Cop 4? When Chud asked the producer if an R-Rated fourth film would be possible in the now family friendly Eddie Murphy world, this is what he said:

"I think it's going to be a really interesting debate, and it's one we're going to have for a while," said di Bonaventura, who was then told by a punch of the junketers that there iss no sense in making a PG-13 Beverly Hills Cop IV. di Bonaventura responded, "Would you please call Paramount and tell them that?"

I think Live Free or Die Hard will be the true test. If that film becomes super successful, the PG-13 rating will be given a lot of credit. And that could be very bad for any future R-Rated sequels.