Interview With Eagle Vs. Shark Director Taika Waititi

On Monday June 4th we got the chance to sit down with Eagle vs. Shark writer/director Taika Waititi. We LOVED his film when we saw it at Sundance, and had a full list of questions about Waititi's hilarious movie.

Running Time: 30 Minutes

Time-code Chapter Guide:

0:25 The Origin of the Idea

2:45 Judah Friedlander as Jarood at the Sundance Labs

4:00 Casting His Friends

4:30 The Evolution of the Script

5:40 The DVD Release and Deleted Scenes

6:05 The Use of Stop-motion Animation

8:05 Stop-Animation Parallels The Story

8:55 The Creative Production Design

10:00 The World: "It's like nothing was invented after 1989"

10:50 Addressing Comparisons to Napoleon Dynamite

13:15 Taika Waititi's Top Five Movies of the Moment

15:00 Taika's Cameo as the dead brother Gordon

15:45 Jarood's Cheetah Painting: Populating the world with Animals

17:00 Lily's attraction to Jarood

20:15 Symbolism: The Wheel Chairs?

22:30 The availability of Taika's short film Two Cars, One Night

23:00 Taika's Feature Film adaptation

23:30 Title: Volcano or Choice?

24:35 Taika's Adaptation of Wild Pork and Wildcrest

26:45 Taika's Other project about a Cop who wants to be a Hero

28:00 Jarood's Father's disability? "He's an emotional cripple"