How To Gain Access To Red Band Movie Trailers

At /Film, we like to promote movies. We use to post red band movie trailers, but the MPAA has ordered us not to. (Click here to read more about what happened). We removed the trailers and have replaced the videos with direct links to the studio red band trailer websites. The websites use a flawed age verification tool. We can't even access the red band trailers using our own name, zipcode, and date of birth, even though we are well within the age guidelines. The system is a deterrent at best, any little kid could easily enter in their parents name and birthday for full access.

But we didn't stop there. We have decided to help other people who may be running into the same problem. Below is the Name, Birthdate and Zipcode information for the Chairman of the MPAA, Dan Glickman, and the President of the United States, George W. Bush. I'm sure they won't mind you using their information to access those "dirty" red band movie trailers.

Age VerificationGeorge Bush



Daniel Glickman



The information above was gathered using simple wikipedia and google maps search. Yes, 20500 is the zip code for the White House. And we found only one Glickman registered near the MPAA's Washington DC office – an R Glickman. Wikipedia lists Daniel's middle name as Robert (or is it his real first name?). We decided to give it a try, and guess what – it worked. Yes, that's right – the tool that is supposed to detour kids from hearing naughty words in movie advertising can now be used by hackers and web creeps around the world to reverse engineer private address information (luckily Glickman is a public figure and doesn't qualify). Good job MPAA! Keep up the great work!

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