34 Minute Q&A With Hostel: Part II Director Eli Roth

Last week I went to a screening of Hostel: Part II (which I really enjoyed). Eli Roth was in attendance and did a question and answer session following the screening. It was the first time Hostel 2 was screened for the public, so Roth was relieved to see that the audience loved the film. We recorded the Q&A, and are posting it for your enjoyment. Be warned, Roth does talk about some of the film's plot points and twists. So if you haven't yet seen the film, you might want to shy away. Also note that their is a brief pause where our recorder stopped for 30 seconds. Luckily we didn't miss much. Note: This is not an interview. We will return tomorrow with that.

Running Time: 34 minutes

A time-coded chapter listing can be found after the jump.


0:30 Pushing the R-Rating: Dealing with the MPAA

1:30 "It's Not Happy Feet 2, it's Hostel: Part II"

2:00 The Bathtub scene: "It looks like she's sexually enjoying it"

4:00 The Return of Dr. Mambo

5:00 The Troubles of Writing a Sequel

6:30 Making Bloody Horror Movies in a Post-Virgina Tech World

7:00 Tell Your Friends, Write a Review, Spread the Word

7:30 Eli's First Horror Movie: Alien

8:30 Vomiting in Horror Movies

10:00 Filming his First Kill at 11-years-old

10:30 Thanksgiving: The Feature Film?

11:30 Grindhouse 2?

12:00 Dogma 95? Dogshit 2007!

12:40 Stephen King's Cell

13:00 Trailer Trash: An excuse to make 25 different Thanksgivings

14:15 Hostel 1 and 2 as a Three Hour Directors Cut?

16:00 The decapitated heads in Thanksgiving came from Hostel 2

16:30 MPAA forces cuts on Thanksgiving

18:00 Will the Thanksgiving directors cut be released on DVD?

20:00 Roth talks about his career

20:30 Getting Fired for being a bad stand-in on Meet Joe Black

22:30 One scream for every guy and one scream for every girl

23:00 NO Hostel 3 Rant

23:30 Developing the Screenplay for Hostel 2

24:30 The Scariest Scene in Hostel: Two Men talking in a room

26:30 Army of Darkness as a Good Third Film

27:20 Hostel Filmmaker Cameos

29:20 The fast-track timeline

29:50 Bigger Budget = More Extras and Night Shoots

31:00 The "Wow, you're so far from home" double meaning quotes

31:45 The Desk Clerk

32:30 The Moral of Hostel 1 and 2

33:00 The Humor influence of Asian vs. Italian Cinema