/Film Quoted In Hostel: Part II TV Ads, And Other Fanboy Musings

Tonight I got a phone call from a friend claiming I was quoted in a Hostel: Part II television advertisement. At first I didn't believe him. It had to be a joke, right? Nope. Turns out it happened. Of course the ad was shown on MTV (demographics and such), so I sat there for almost two hours watching the former music video channel (something I wouldn't recommend, as a result I feel dumber). And there it was, not one but TWO QUOTES from /Film's review of Hostel 2.

Check out the TV advertisement after the jump, followed by our fanboy encounter with director Eli Roth.

[flv:http://www.slashfilm.com/wp/wp-content/trailers/hosteltvad.flv 450 340]

Disclaimer: The following will probably make me comes off as a "fanboy". And some of you might think this is "unprofessional", and truth is, may-be it is. I started blogging about film because I loved it. And I became a blogger instead of a "journalist" for the sole reason that I could mark out to my fanboy passions, and help promote some of the projects that interest me (the idea is that there are probably others who have my same cinematic sensibilities).

That said, we've been really lucky to interview some of the artists, actors and directors we really admire respect. And over the last year as we have grown as a site, we've been really lucky to have a few of our favorite directors recognize our work (may-be only because we tend to write alot of articles about our favorite directors, which in turn they somehow discover).

  • Late last year we sat down with Darren Aronofsky, who has made one of our favorite films of all time (Requiem for a Dream), and told us that he reads /Film "regularly."
  • Before I became a movie blogger/journalist, Kevin Smith was my inspiration to become a screenwriter/director. While my feature film never went anywhere, he greatly influenced my life (I'm not getting paid to watch and write about movies, how cool is that?) and still remains one of my favorite directors (Clerks II was on my Top 10 Films of 2006 list, even). Smith wrote us to correct a factual error in a news story, telling us that he was a "Longtime reader, first-time writer-inner" and that he appreciates "all the cyber ink you've thrown my way." Very Cool.
  • And on a lesser scale, Fido director Andrew Currie quoted a line of our review back to us during our interview. Later we were quoted on the film's theatrical movie poster (our first poster).
  • And then last week happened.
  • We got a chance to see Hostel: Part II last week and enjoyed it a lot (read our review here). Eli Roth was in attendance and we told him we really enjoyed the flick. He told us to write a review, so we had one up that night.

    The next day we got to interview Roth about the film. Even if you don't like Roth's films, you have to admire him from a film geek prospective. He can talk. One of the guys who saw the film the night before and didn't care for it much came out of the interview with a newfound respect for the movie and filmmaker. That's Eli. And although none of Roth's films have made it on our favorite list, he is one of our favorite directors. We feel the same way about Robert Rodriguez.

    At the conclusion of the interview I slipped Roth my business card and told him we did in fact write a review for the flick. He stared at the business card for a few seconds and said "Slashfilm..... aren't you the guys who.... uhhh" I stood there while he thought back for a second thinking "oh no, he's probably going to say something that we hadn't posted, as our site because of the word "slash" sometimes gets confused for other horror sites (which ones, we don't know). He continued "You were the guys who put the video up of Kurt Russell throwing his Nachos at me. I smiled and said "Yes." He quickly snapped "That was Awesome! Where did you find that footage?" I told him we found it hidden within the b-roll on the EPK. Roth told us how he sent the link to a bunch of his friends which is really cool.