EXCLUSIVE: Eli Roth's Grindhouse 2

Just because Grindhouse failed to make any money at the box office doesn't mean they won't make a sequel. At least according to horror director Eli Roth, who still hopes to film a feature length Thanksgiving.

"And it would be something I'd do in between projects. But I'm actually writing it with my friend Jeff just to have it ready," Roth told /Film at a San Francisco screening of Hostel 2. "The first Grindhouse cost almost 70 million dollars. So I'm like, we should do it like Dogma 95 and call it Dogshit 2007, where you get half a million bucks and six days and no rehearsals. We'd have to list out crazy rules but we still want to do it. I've talked about doing it as a 45 minute movie with just so many missing reels."

"...and I talked to Quentin and Robert. They said 'We gotta f*cking do that man, that will be great!'"

I'm sure any studio (including The Weinstein Co) would greenlight such a film for like two million dollars (which is the amount we estimate it would cost to make 2-3 ultra low budget films and a few fake trailers). Even if the project goes direct to DVD, it's sure to make it's money back. And I think EVERYONE would be game for an extreme low budget Grindhouse sequel. We just need to drum up some interest and get the fanboys talking. I just wonder if any name actors would sign on to work for scale.