Clint Mansell's Smokin Aces Scores A Release

Clint Mansell has undoubtedly created the best music score in Hollywood history. And I'm talking Requiem For a Dream. You might have not seen the movie, but you sure as hell have heard the music, which has been ripped off for commercials and many movie trailers (including one of the Lord of the Rings films if I remember correctly). Anyway, Clint most recently scored Joe Carnahan's Smokin' Aces, and fans have been upset that the studio didn't include the full composition on the Smokin' soundtrack. Good news direct from Carnahan:

"The folks at Lakeshore have decided to release a separate album containing JUST THAT."

And here is a note from Clint on the project:

"I've worked the entire score into a 55 minute symphony. Its broken down into 8 movements so each theme gets to play out in full. Estrago's music comes across great–an entire suite for Buddy, the FBI and the explosive shoot-out stuff...I'm very happy.....'"

So there you have it. Another product to look forward to buy, download and consume.