Matt Damon Says No More Jason Bourne Movies For Him

Matt Damon told a room full of press at the Cannes Film Festival that he would not be returning for a fourth Jason Bourne film. Here is an account of some of the conversation thanks to Variety.

"We have ridden that horse as far as we can." He admitted to feeling like "a bit of a prostitute for putting out two number threes in one year."

"That's better than three number twos," added [George*] Clooney.

So the question now becomes, will the Jason Bourne series move on without Damon? The James Bond series did that and is working out just fine. But in many senses, this is different since Bourne's story is a continuation while Bond's film's are more episodic than anything else. Could the series continue with a new actor at the helm? And if so, who?