Veronica Mars: The Movie?

Sadly it is beginning to appear that Veronica Mars is officially canceled. Sure, there are rumors that the show will return midseason with a revamped premise of Veronica at the FBI training academy. But is there really any hope? And I have yet to watch last nights "season" finale but from what I understand, it doesn't close all the loose ends. Well TV Guide e-mailed show creator Rob Thomas to ask:  "Will will ever find out how you would've ended the show?" His response:

"I'm not entirely sure how/when VM would've ended, but I wouldn't discount my taking a stab at a feature script," Rob wrote. "But I'm not sure if I could sell a movie based on a little-watched TV series."

So there you have it. Veronica might have a new life on the big screen. There is a chance, right? Firefly has dismal ratings (sure, it was partly the network's fault), but that somehow got made into a feature film. Sure, it probably doesn't help that the only other example of this happening (Serenity) wasn't profitable by most calculations.