The Sarah Connor Chronicles Trailer

A while back we told you about The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a Terminator film television series spin-off that was being primed for the 2008 season. Well Fox officially picked up the series, and premiered the following trailer at what appears to be the network up-fronts. Our friends at the Solace In Cinema discovered the footage that we now bring to you after the jump.

[flv: 440 330]

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I want to like it but God does the Terminator look lame. There was also a couple of one-liners that fell flat. But I think if they can concentrate the series on John and his Mother, this could work... maybe.

The show is written by Josh Friedman, who has previously worked on Sahara, War of the Worlds, and The Black Dahlia. Friedman was also responsible for a blog post which created the whole Internet hysteria behind Snakes on a Plane.

If you're looking for more, IGN has three video clips from the pilot episode.