The Joker Revealed

On Thursday we posted a photo of a Harvey Dent for Gotham District Attorney poster (seen below) that was released on The Dark Knight mini site Most people (like us) complained about the horrible photoshop job.

But what first seemed like a poorly done Internet release actually became viral, resulting in the unmasking of The Joker.

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight

Joker Cards

These Joker cards were "found" spread all over a comic book store in Southern California. Stamped on the cards is "Ha Ha Ha I Believe in Harvey Dent Too". A few hours later internet users discovered the website, which features the same campaign poster, but this time defaced by The Joker.

Joker Defaced

A little input box asked for users to submit their e-mail address. No further information was given. But people took the bait and entered. They soon after received an e-mail:

Joker E-Mail

The website link brought users to a page where they could enter the coordinate assigned.

Joker Submit

Slowly users entered in pixel coordinates. Each one revealed a piece of a hidden photo behind the campaign poster.

Joker Pixel

Users quickly figured out that the hidden image was that of Heath Ledger as The Joker. As of this posting, the full image has not been uncovered.

Joker Almost There

The following is the final result:

Joker Revealed

And there you have it, The Joker and possibly one of the best viral marketing campaigns done for a movie thus far. I'm pretty sure the studio must be disappointed that the whole plot will be uncovered in a matter of 24 hours. I'm sure they expected this game to last a little while longer.