Kevin Smith Finishes Comedy Script

Clerks writer/director Kevin Smith has just finished writing his next comedy film.

"Finished a script a few minutes ago. The comedy. 146 pages. I'll spend tomorrow taming it down to 120 pages or so. It's really funny, really dirty, and really touching stuff. Granted, I'm biased. Now, onto Red State..." Smith wrote on his website. "Well, not now. First I'm gonna sleep. Then, I'll take some down-time to work on this current bad boy before launching into the Red State script."

Here is what we know thus far:

  • Cast: Rosario Dawson in mind to star.
  • Budget: More than Clerks II ($5 million) but less than Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ($22 million).
  • Shooting Location: Minnesota in Winter because the plot requires snow.
  • Smith has said that he would be shooting the comedy back-to-back with a horror film titled Red State, starting sometime this winter. From what we gather, Red State will be a lower budget ($3-4 million range) horror film about an religious extremist in Middle America.