Michael Bay Responds To Bruce Willis' Comments

Yesterday we told you how Bruce Willis slammed Transformers director Michael Bay in an online Q & A. When asked about the possibility of a Bay helmed Die Hard film, Willis replied: "Bay would have ruined DH4. Few people will work with him now, and I know I will never work with him again." He even later added that "a screaming Director does not make for a pleasant set experience," while talking about his Armageddon experience.

And now Michael Bay has shot back claiming that Bruce's people had offered him Die Hard 4:

"Hard to believe it really is Bruce saying that stuff on AICN. I loved working with Bruce. He gave me a big hug one month ago at the GM party and we talked for 20 minutes. We even talked about working together again! I mean it would be sad if he felt this way – he's never one to hide his feelings – I say sad, in that he wouldn't be man enough to say it to my face. But truly sad that such a big time actor would have to hide on a little talk back section. So I really don't believe this story.

I find it also totally odd that my agents at William Morris got the call from Bruce's people to inquire if I would like to helm Die Hard 4, but I was already on Transformers."

And I'm sure we'll hear from Bruce again, so keep checking back as the drama unfolds.