Natalie Portman's 24/7 Live Broadcast

I've blogged about before. It was a concept that Hollywood made up years ago with Edtv and The Truman Show. Justin wears a video camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and broadcasts the video live on the internet. So far he's been live for over 51 days (minus a day they allowed a guest blogger to take the helm). But the problem with is that Justin isn't that interesting. He's a techie. He's not a comedian. He's not even that funny. But the whole internet watched last week when for the first time, Justin had sex live. Sure, it was mostly blackness, but the internet loved it. Good concept, bad casting.

Well now word comes in from ValleyWag that Natalie Portman has been touring around Silicon Valley in search of funding for a similar project. The Star Wars starlet wants to broadcast her life, personal and private, live on the internet. Now this is something I for one would watch. I don't see how funding wouldn't materialize out of thin air for a project like this.

But how far could Natalie take it? Would the studios actually allow Natalie to broadcast live from on the movie sets? And would they allow her to broadcast the filming of her scenes? What if the star goes to a premiere or a movie? Will the camera(s) be allowed in? This also brings about safety concerns. Now stalkers would know where she is, any time of the day. They would be granted access to a ton of personal information. How safe could this be for a celebrity? has already had the police barge into his apartment due to a prank. If becomes a reality, this could be the next step in the celebreality tv concept.