Confirmed: Live Free Or Die Hard Is Rated PG-13

Last week we reported a rumor that Live Free or Die Hard would be rated PG-13. We wondered if this could really be possible. It must have been a quote from Bruce Willis taken out of context. 20th Century Fox couldn't be that stupid, could they?

Well they could, and are. Willis has confirmed to AICN that the film is infact PG-13. Willis claims "that if you didn't know it was PG-13, you couldn't tell, because it got him to the edge of his seat at least 6 times. Now, it might not have as many "fucks" as in the past, but the action and intensity – he swears is there."

But can we really believe him? Wasn't this the same guy who claimed this new PG-13 film was better than the original, right before saying the F-word on live television?