Spider-Man 3 Breaks First-Day Overseas Records: $29.2 Million In One Day

Spider-Man 3 is already on a monster roll, setting a bunch of overseas records in it's first day of pre-release (note: the film will be released on Friday in the States). The film took in over $29.2 million on May 1 from it's one day debut in just 16 overseas markets. According to THR, the film topped Spider-Man 2's bow in the same territories by 86% ($15.6 million) and that of the original by 175% ($10.6 million)." But the biggest statistic is next:

10 of the 16 openings had the biggest opening day of all time. WOW. That's a huge feat.

Here are some of the in-depth number breakdowns:

France: $6.1 million [Record: Opening Day]Germany: $4.6 million [Record: Tuesday Opening]Japan: $3.7 million [Record: Tuesday Opening]Italy: $4 million [Record: Opening Day]Korea: $3.4 million [Record: Opening Day]

Records also were set in Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Egypt, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand, but we don't have those numbers (I suspect they are much smaller).