Joe Carnahan Reviews Early Sin City 2 Footage

Smokin' Aces director Joe Carnahan has seen the early teaser trailer for Sin City 2. If it's anything like the first movie, than Robert has done a couple full green screen tests using real actors. He might even have a full scene shot and edited.

"Robert Rodriguez stopped by the office yesterday and showed me what may become the teaser for 'SIN CITY 2' and HOLY SH*T is it something. I don't want to let any cats out of any bags, so all I can say is there's not a hetero male moviegoer alive that's not going to deeply DIG that spot," Carnahan wrote on his blog. "Remember, he's doing 'A Dame To Kill For' and brother has he got it. That guy's enthusiasm for filmmaking is infectious too. A solid bloke and a good soul."

Sin City 2 might or might not go into production next month. We can't wait.