9 Minutes Of Pixar's Ratatouille Now Online

Disney.com has an exclusive 9-minute look at Pixar's Ratatouille. Click on this link to watch it now. The nine minute video clip is essentially the clip shown at WonderCon 2007. Here is how we explained it back then:

Remy talking to the imaginary Gusto as they watch the chefs cook in the kitchen. Remy notices the kid ruining the soup and decides to take action. He jumps down into the sink, runs along the floor, hides underneath the kitchen equipment where he almost gets burned to death. It's the fantastical chase sequence that goes around the entire kitchen. Remmy ends up narrowly escaping from an oven before crawling to safety onto a serving cart which goes into the main dining area. Finally back in the kitchen, Remy adds spices and ingredients to the soup in an attempt to fix the kid's mistake. He searches the kitchen and in an incredibly imaginative sequence, makes the soup complete. But just as he finishes, he is caught by the kid.

Bird explained what follows: At this moment Skinner catches Linguini with a soup ladle in his hand and goes ballistic. While this whole blow-up is happening, the soup is brought out a food critic, who ends up loving it. He knows this guy is an idiot but at the same time sees he's doing something right. So he lets him do it.

This is where the next clip begins. Skinner catches a glimpse of Remy while lecturing Linguini. Caught in a bottle, Linguini is given the job of disposing of Remy in the river. But Linguini can't get the nerves to throw him in. Linguini starts talking to Remy, who nods and gestures back. Linguini comes up with a plan for Remy to cook for him, so that he wont lose his job. And with that he lets Remy free. But Remy runs away. Looking back he sees the depressed kid sulking, and decides to go back. So much emotion is displayed as this new bond is formed.

Ratatouille hits theaters on June 29th 2007.