Brad Bird To Make Live Action Film For Pixar

On April Fools Day, we got suckered into reporting that Brad Bird would be directing a live action film for Pixar. As it turns out, the joke is becoming a reality. The Ratatouille director told The Daily Bulletin that a  live-action film (possibly John Carter of Mars), is next:

"The company [Pixar] is evolving into a place where all kinds of movies, not just animated ones, can come out," said Bird, who reveled that his next Pixar film will be live action.

You can read more about the possible John Carter of Mars project in our April Fools Day post (as most of the facts are actually true). I do wonder if Mars would really fit the family orientated Pixar brand. I seriously doubt that Bird's live action project at Pixar would be the long rumored adaptation of 1906 (more information).