Rumor: Matt Damon Is Green Arrow?

And now time for our rumor of the day. We previously told you about David Goyer's superhero prison break project Super Max. The screenplay isn't even finished and already rumors have begun on the super hero casting. A scooper over at claims that Matt Damon is in negotiations to play Green Arrow:

I met Matt Damon yesterday in the city during his break from the 3rd installment of The Bourne Identity series and I asked him if he was doing any comic book movies. He told me he was in the middle of negotiating the starring role in The Green Arrow movie!!

Sounds very unreliable to me. I would take this one with a grain of salt. I doubt that Warner Bros has even started talking about pre-production, never mind casting the project. Super Max is a prison-break story following DC superhero Green Arrow, who is set up and sentenced to a super maxim security jail designed exclusively for super-villains.