Michael Bay Says Optimus Prime Talking Clip Is NOT In The Movie

A couple weeks back we posted a Transformers television advertisement which showed Optimus Prime talking. The internet was mortified – Prime looked stupid. Transformers don't have mouths. It was a big blow to the fanboy community. DreamWorks sent their legal watchdogs to have the video removed from all corners of the known universe. You might be able to find it on some small message board somewhere, but it was removed from /Film long ago. Finally director Michael Bay has decided to respond to the fanboy disappointment:

The unreleased ad (Prime speaks) that was posted on youtube was a test that European were making with the ads. The clip where OP was "speaking," lets just say that it wasn't OP or Cullen speaking. It was something the European studios added on their own. In fact, it was a test shot.

But can we really believe this? The clip looked legit to me. And if true, why didn't someone at DreamWorks address this sooner? The huge damage is already done.