We Told You So: The Incredible Hulk Will Be GREEN, Not Gray

A couple days back the internet became abuzz with the rumor that Hulk would be gray in The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton. The rumor was started when producer Avi Arad told the genre room at the Spider-Man 3 junket that the new big screen Hulk would have a "new direction, new size, new color, new attitude." When asked if that would mean that the Hulk would be gry in color, Avi responded: "Uh, we'll see." Much of the internet websites jumped on this speculative news and just ran with it. We told you that "that Marvel would keep Hulk green, but probably a less colorful shade of green." We said that the comment was probably taken out of context. As it turns out, we were right.

Arad confirmed the following to Empire Magazine:

"It was a joke! Here's what it was. There were 30 people around a table, and they said 'is there going to be a grey Hulk?' And I was thinking about it and I said, 'who knows?' It was one of those moments. I had just got back from Japan and I was trying to talk about Spider-Man and this guy was pushing me on The Hulk so I thought I'll be coy. I don't know what colour it is, and all of a sudden it's headline news."

So there you have it, the Hulk will be Green after-all.