New Ratatouille Photos, 9-Minute Preview Coming In May

I'm not exactly sure where this Ratatouille photo came from, but we found it in our e-mail box, direct from one of our scoopers. Click on the image above to see a super high resolution version. You really come to appreciate Pixar's work when you look at it under a magnified glass. It's amazing all the little details that go into each frame of footage (the door sequence in Monsters Inc for instance). In this new photo, check out hairs on Linguini's chin, or the seams on his chef outfit. Check out the second photo below:


We also just found out that a 9-minute preview of Ratatouille will be available online on May 1st.

Ratatouille 9 Minue Preview

Brad Bird's Ratatouille hits theaters on June 29th, 2007.