Second Photo: Heath Ledger As The Joker FAKE

Update: It appears that Ain't It Cool News was tricked. The photo they posted earlier tonight, seen above, turns out to be fake. Theresa from HeathLedgerCentral sent us the following photo from Ledger's last movie Candy. The Joker still above appears to be a doctored version of the production photo below.


The original story follows:

We were a little disappointed with the first paparazzi photo of Heath Ledger in his Joker get-up. We assumed that Christopher Nolan would be taking an untraditional dark route with The Joker's look in the sequel to Batman Begins. Well AICN has scored a closer shot of The Dark Knight's Joker. It looks like they are going for an extended grin. I looks good, but too close to The Crowe for my tastes. The site's spies say this is what The Joker will look like at the beginning of the film. Check out a larger version of the photo at