Grindhouse Split Canceled

After Grindhouse's big screen bomb, Harvey Weinstein was thinking of splitting the double feature in two. According to JoBlo, The Weinstein Co tested the concept this weekend at a few select movie theaters and were not impressed with the results. I seriously wonder however if the movie studio actually attempted to promote the movies as individual films in these small test markets. If not, did they actually expect people would just show up after seeing a Death Proof listing on It really is a shame. The Grindhouse double feature is an experience that shouldn't be missed. But obviously it has been. America is not ready for it. I'm one of the few who believes that Robert and Quentin's films could very well work as separate movies, but only if they were properly marketed as such. But I guess Weistein believes otherwise.

I'm guessing the next step is the DVD release. If Weistein were smart, they would release the films separately barebones on home video (also available in a two pack box set), later to release a super duper 4 or 5 disc collectors edition for a gigantic double dip. As a fan, I don't really want to shell out more money. But it seems like they need to break even somehow.