The Dark Knight: The Joker's New Look?

Update: Warner Bros has released the first official photo of Heath Ledger as The Joker at this link. Scroll down, it's near the bottom.

don't know why we assumed that Christopher Nolan was going to give us the same-old same-old Joker we've all become accustomed to. I mean, Heath Ledger wasn't exactly the fans perfect choice for the role. We should have just expected something, different.

Now a scooper at BOF reports that Joker may look very very different in the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. According to the anonymous scooper, The Joker will have gray scarred skin, and a raggedy costume. Also, he'll be much more darker than previous movie/television versions of the character (but that much we already expected). As always, no confirmation – take this bit of rumor with a grain of salt. The Dark Knight will hit theaters on July 18th 2008.

Note: The photo to the right is a fan creation.