Grindhouse Sells Only 14 Tickets Per Screening In Second Weekend

Last week Grindhouse failed at the Box Office, this week the movie officially BOMBED. According to the Friday numbers, the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature dropped a whopping 74% from last week. The film will probably make $4 million in its second weekend, again less than half of the studio and independent estimates.

To further explain how terrible this is: Grindhouse had a per screen average of $494. That's about 55 tickets sold per theater on Friday. Considering that the movie screens four times during the day, most theaters probably packed a hefty 14 moviegoers per screening. And I'm sure the theaters in Middle America could have been completely empty.

Update: The full weekend numbers confirm our report. Grindhouse had a per screen average of $1,612. Which is $537 per screen per day, and $67 per screening (estimated). So this means that only 14-18 tickets were bought per screening.