Teeth Gets An R-Rating, But How?

When The Weinstein Co and Lionsgate Films picked up Teeth at the Sundance Film Festival, everyone wondered if the film would be release unrated. The dark comedy follows a girl who has teeth in her vagina, and uses her extra set to take revenge against guys that have done her wrong. Harvey Weinstein said he didn't want to cut the movie to ensure an R rating. And many people speculated that the film would be distributed by Lionsgate as unrated, since the studio is not a member studio of the MPAA. Well, the MPAA has made their judgement and Teeth has been rated R!

That's right, a film which shows penis decapitation has been granted an R-Rating for the MPAA. The official MPAA database lists the film as Rated R For disturbing sequences involving sexuality and violence, language and some drug use. How did this happen? I saw the film at Sundance, and I can promise you, the version of the film I saw could not have been rated R. The MPAA notoriously hates violence mixed with sex/nudity, and that is what this film is. I wonder if Weinstein went back on his claim not to cut the film or if someone bribed the MPAA committee member (hey, we now know who they are thanks to This Film is Not Yet Rated).

Teeth will be released sometime later this year.