Production Art And Poster: James Cameron's Avatar

AICN has posted a leaked photo from the WETA workshop showing some preproduction material for James Cameron's AVATAR. click on the photo for a better view. The poster looks a little fake to me, but the scooper claims that it was "dimensional and would shift as you moved around it, but wasn't lenticular." Interesting.

Cameron's $200 million 3D live action/animation hybrid sci-fi film was written 11 years ago as an 80-page treatment. Avatar follows a wounded ex-marine who is unwillingly sent to settle and exploit the faraway planet Pandora. When he gets caught up in battle for survival by the planet's inhabitants (called Na'vis) he unexceptionally falls in love with one of them.

Australian actor Sam Worthington (Sommersault, Dirty Deeds) plays the film's lead, Jack Sully. Zoe Saldana (The Terminal, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl) plays the local alien love interest. But the twist is that the alien woman will be a computer generated character. Sigourney Weaver also has a role in the film.