The Wachowski Brothers Rework The Invasion

We previously reported that The Wachowski Brothers were brought in to work on some reshoot material for the upcoming BodysnatchesThe Invasion remake . Well apparently there is MUCH much more to this story. Our friends over at Collider claim that the Brothers were brought in to rewrite over 70% of the movie. Here is what happened.

When an early rough cut studio screening of The Invasion tested poorly, Warner Bros demanded reshoots. The original cut was more of an artsy/talky film, and not the summer tent-pole action film Warner was hoping for. But director Oliver Hirschbiegel was "unavailable" (or most likely not wanted), Joel Silver brought in his Matrix pals to shoot a new ending. This is the story we already knew. But what we didn't know was that the Wachowski Brothers actually rewrote more than 2/3rds of the film, and brought in their trusted colleague and V For Vendetta director James Mcteigue to finish the movie.

I don't know exactly how true this new story is. We do know that the reshoots took place sometime between October 2006 and February 2007. Even if they only re-shot for two months, that would have given them enough time to redo a huge chunk of the movie. So it is very possible. But if Mcteigue reshot so much of the film, why is Hirschbiegel being given the sole director screen credit? And could the resulting film be anything less than a mess?