Grindhouse DVD Details Revealed

Grindhouse hits theaters on Friday, but we're already talking about the eventual DVD release. Why? Because we know it's going to be packed with special features. And how do we know? Robert and Quentin told us it would be.

The DVD release will feature the international extended cuts of each film.

Tarantino told us that Death Proof might actually clock in at at 115 minutes:

"I haven't really done mine 100 percent but I think mine actually might be like half hour longer."

While Rodriguez promises that his extended cut will be "about 15 almost 20 minutes longer."

"I wanted to get mine to 80-85 minutes for the theatrical version so you wouldn't be exhausted and ready to go home when mine was over. So that you would stick around for a second movie. I think my first cut was probably around 100 minutes. And just other scenes – a lot of the Serif and JT, other stuff with Cherry and the Doctor. A couple other scenes to fill it out."

One of the subplots in Rodriguez' Planet Terror involves a cook who plans to take his BBQ recipe to his grave. But fear not, Robert promises that the recipe will be included on the DVD in the return of his infamous "10 Minute Cooking School" feature.

"I'm going to start it with this quote: No Texan ever gives away his Barbecue recipe. He takes it to the grave! Then it says Ten Minute  Cooking School: Texas Barbecue... From The Grave!"

Robert also jokes that in a few years they might rerelease the films on DVD. He claims they will advertise the disc as featuring a "newly restored and re-mastered print" that would be completely clean of the Grindhouse scratches and jitter. We can't wait.

Grindhouse hits theaters on April 6th 2007.