Transformers: Two And A Half Hours Long, 20 Set Pieces

Our friends over at Collider spoke to Shia LaBeouf at the Disturbia press junket and were able to pry a few interesting Transformers tidbits out of him.

According to Shia, the movie is going to run two and a half hours:

"It's going to be long. He's going to give you a lot. You've got 20 set pieces. You like at Spider-Man and it had five big action sequences – five set pieces. We have 20, and you've got to get storyline in, you've got to get the narrative in – so a lot of explanation. You can't just have robots fighting for no reason. You've got to explain it. The movies going to run, I think, about two and a half."

Two and a half hours? Twenty set pieces? He says that the people at ILM (you know, the people who did the FX for Star Wars) say "they'd never worked on anything like this." Wait, there's more. LaBeouf went on to claim that none of the actors "got paid above $70,000 dollars. We were all there to blow shit up."

"Because he's not putting all the actors in huge trailers, and we're not staying in four class resorts and craft service isn't shrimp cocktail. It's a movie set and all the money is going into the film. You feel it on set. You know none of us got paid millions of dollars to be in that movie. That's one of the lowest paying jobs I've been in, in my career. And that's the way it goes. You do that movie not because of the paycheck, I know that everybody thinks "oh you're in Transformers because of the paycheck." And I'm sure eventually it will lead to a paycheck â€" when you have a Japanese following and a following you never had â€" but the initial being in the movie was never a paycheck."

Let's hope he's joking around, because this movie is going to make some serious bank.

Transformers hits theaters on July 4th 2007.