Rose McGowan Talks Black Oasis

A couple weeks back it was announced that Rose McGowan would star in a biopic of B-movie actress Susan Cabot. We spoke to McGowan about that film, and she revealed a lot about the woman, the story, and what we can expect from Black Oasis:

It's great, I'm really excited. I'm attached to Black Oasis, which is coming up. It's the story of Susan Cabot and it's very strange that she is this B-movie star in these Roger Corman films like Wasp Woman and she had an insane life. Kind of really tragic in many ways. She was really short, probably about four foot ten, I'm definitely taller than that. She would go around in eight inch platforms. She was obsessed and thought that her career wasn't reaching a certain level because of her height. She actually went out with King Hussein, and they were going to get married until he found out her real name was Harriet Shapiro and that she was born Jewish. So he could marry her. And then she had a kid and she became really obsessed with him being strong and tall and he was going to be all the things she could never be but he was born of dwarfism. And she put him through all these experimental treatments that would make him grow tall. And the guy who wrote it and is directing it is Stephan Elliott, who wrote and directed The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  And the woman producing it is awesome. The production company is great. Hilary Shor just produced Children of Men, so they have really great people attached. Also she starts going crazier, and her life, as she gets crazier and crazier she starts thinking that she's in all the movies she was in. All these insane movies are happening. So I get to go back to all these sets and be in all these crazy movies. That's going to be fantastic, I'm very excited.

Black Oasis will shoot this fall, and is tentatively scheduled for a 2009 release. See Rose in Grindhouse, which hits theaters on April 6th 2007.