Eli Roth Reveals Hostel: Part II Details

Hostel: Part II director Eli Roth revealed a few details and talked about the upcoming film at the Grindhouse junket. Here are the highlights. The full interview will shortly follow.

On the Meaty Hostel 2 Poster:

"I wish I could take any credit for the Hostel 2 poster. That is boar meat, wild boar meat. That is the marketing at Lionsgate that did that. And I thought it was brilliant because the genius of that poster is if that was hanging at the supermarket, you would go "oh, let's have steak tonight." But you put it in a movie theater with the words "Hostel 2" and they go "That's the sickest thing I've ever seen." And it's all the power of suggestion. And I think that there is obviously comparisons to most… it's aware that any time people see women in a horror film all these girls are pieces of meat, and literally in Hostel: Part II, that's all they are. They are the bait. They are the meat. They are the grist for the mill. I thought it was actually a really smart poster. And it's really really disgusting. I love it."

What part will Jay Hernandez's return play:

"Well, there's a lot of different storylines that I wanted to continue and think about. I was trying to think of what I would want to see if I was watching the sequel. And if you took out the credits of the first one, Boom, what happened next? And there are other storylines that I wanted to introduce."

What's new in Hostel 2:

"I wanted to see things from the killer's point of view. I wanted to see girls getting lured there. And I really wanted to make the movie feel like that sequence where he's in the locker room with the business man going "How did you do it? How did you kill?" That scene, and the scene in the pub with the girls where he's trying to ask them questions, but really can't get answers and he's not sure if they are answering him or if it's lost in translation. That kind of uncertain, uncomfortable, really awkward, creepy tone â€" that's what I wanted the whole movie to feel like."

The Film's Running time:

"Right now the running time of the movie is about 93 minutes with front end credits. I wanted the movie, it's pretty tight. I don't think it needs to be longer than that, and I don't want it shorter than that."

MPAA Rating:

"We're going before the ratings board now. I was waiting for Grindhouse was over. I was like, I can't do this to these people, you know? [Laughs] I can't hit them with both the Thanksgiving trailer and Hostel 2 in the same week. I mean, that's just not right. I was waiting until Grindhouse was cleared up and we got our R-rating on that and we're getting our date to submit to them."

"The goal is to make a better scarier movie. I think that you can easily make a more violent movie. I think that you can easily just show body parts getting chopped up, and there â€" your movie is more violent. But that wasn't my intention with Hostel 2. I really wanted people to come out of the movie and go "That was better than the first movie and it was scarier." And yeah, it's got the violence that you expect from Hostel. And it's gruesome but I really just wanted to make a better, smarter, scarier film."

Deleted Scenes on the eventual DVD:

"There's always extra stuff for the DVD but most of the deleted stuff on the DVD is stuff I cut for time. It depends on how it goes with the ratings board."