The Grindhouse R-Rated Cut And Running Time

Yesterday we reported that Grindhouse earned an R-Rating, days after Page Six suggested the film would be stuck with an NC-17 without massive cuts. We speculated that some of the more controversial sequences were probably cut for the theatrical release. Now co-director Robert Rodriguez checks in with an update.

According to AICN:

Rodriguez – who is celebrating getting his R-rating for the double feature without having to sacrifice much of anything. He only lost part of a brain-eating scene and Quentin only lost part of one of the crash scenes. So the big story in THE NY POST about the film facing massive problems – was bullsh*t. So there ya go...

We also got word that the final running time for the film is three hours and five minutes. That's right, OVER THREE HOURS! When the poster advertised "Two Great Movies For The Price Of One!" they weren't kidding. We can't wait.