Natalie Portman Is Nude Afterall

Update: You can also see Portman nude in Wes Anderon's new short film Hotel Chevalier, which is available online. Watch it NOW.

It's been almost a year since we first reported that Natalie Portman would be filming a nude scene in her next film role. Her publicists quickly shot back claiming that the Star Wars starlet would be using a body double. But having just watched the footage, I can confirm that this is partly part untrue. Portman is nude, but all the right areas are convienently covered up.

But why don't you check out the footage for yourself? But be warned, it's pretty brutal.

But I must warn you, the footage in question is HARD to watch. The three segments are part of a torture and rape storyline. There is nothing sexy about it. There is also nothing pornographic about it. But either way, the footage is probably not suitable for younger readers.

You can watch the clips at Egotastic:

  • Clip #1
  • Clip #2
  • Clip #3
  • Goya's Ghosts is a historical drama which focuses on the revered artist Francisco Goya. Portman plays the artist's muse, who becomes wrapped up in a controversy after being accused of being a heretic by a Monk.

    The film will hit theaters in the United States in July 2007.