Movie Review: Premonition Is Absurdly Tiresome

Sandra Bullock plays a housewife who learns that her husband was killed in a fatal car crash. But when she awakes the next morning, he's still alive, and the car accident hasn't happened, YET. It's an interesting premise for a story. An ingenious sci-fi concept that immediately sucks you in. Unfortunately, the story the quickly loses its way.

Imagine if in Groundhogs Day, Bill Murray continually repeated the same day over and over without trying to change the future. This is Premonition, submissive and reactive.

Bullock's character walks through the life following the path she's already taken, never wondering what would happen if she went in another direction. She never tries to make a difference, to change the future, until it's too late. The definition of Insanity is someone who repeats the same mistakes over and over again, never learning from their previous actions. To watch Premonition is to experience insanity.

It's hard to buy the story when even the main character inherently doesn't understand what's going on. There is no buyable explanation for so much, and little entertainment in the remaining. If The Premonition were a road, it would be undriveable. Plot holes encompass the entire script, written by Blast From the Past scribe Bill Kelly.

Horribly paced, absurdly tiresome, Premonition is probably worth skipping today, tomorrow, the day after that, and yesterday too.

/Film Rating: 5 out of 10