300 Backlash

300 is breaking monthly box office records, but not everyone is down with the Sparta. Let's take a look at the negative backlash to Zack Snyder's film:

While the 18-29 internet audience on IMDB are loving the film (8.3 rating), Movie critics are less loving: 154 Reviews at Rotten Tomatoes with the average rating of 62% borders of Rotten/Fresh. The movie is now getting a 53% rating at Metacritic, which is in the "Mixed of average" range.

ScreenHead calls 300 the "First Big Disappointment of 2007."Variety has an interesting article on how critics are negatively comparing the film to a big screen video game.

Remember the Will Smith song "Parents just don't understand"? Brainsnap has an article on Why Film Critics Don't Understand 300.

Steve Burgess claims that 300 Is Ready-Made for the Right-Wing Crowd. Mantarctica argues against.

Iran is condemning the Hollywood war epic, calling it an attack on Iranian culture by government figures.

History buffs are slamming the film for being ignorant to historical facts: "To claim that this movie is based on a true story when in fact it is based on a comic book famous for its inaccuracies is like saying that Star Wars is an accurate depiction of NASA."

An archaeologist and author of one of the petitions against the movie 300 sheds some light on some of the negative aspects of the movie 300. At the time of this publication the petition that started on March 4th, 2007 has exceeded 38,000 signatures.

The Toronto Star published an article titled "Sparta? No. This is madness" which also addresses the ignorant historical inaccuracies.