New Spider-Man 3 Photo Proves Venom Crashes To Earth

We have another cool Spider-Man 3 photo for you today. Nope, it's not Venom. It's not Sandman. Not even Green Goblin or Spidey. The photo above shows a very small meteor crashing into earth.

Why is this photo significant? Why should you care? Here's a quick history lesson:

Venom is actually not a monster, it's an extraterrestrial symbiote called the "Venom symbiote." In the Secret Wars comic book mini-series, the goo symbiotically fuses to Spider-Man while in Space. We knew that wasn't going to happen in the movie, as the film story-line is grounded more in reality (or at least closer to reality).

It has been believed that astronaut John Jameson would bring the "alien life force" back to Earth with him. A past Empire Magazine article is even claimed as much. But the photo above seems to prove otherwise. Instead the symbiote comes to earth aboard a small meteor. And is that Peter Parker's bike in the foreground?

So what do you think, is my theory right?