Star Trek XI To Be Titled Star Trek

Paramount executives have decided to keep it simple and call JJ Abrams' Trek film, "Star Trek". It might just work.

"That's the intended title. I don't think we want to put any colons or anything on it," Star Trek XI screenwriter Robert Orci told MTV. "It'll be the biggest one. The economic models of the other [films] were very much based on the fans out there and their purchasing power. With this one we're going for the broad audience to bring people into 'Trek' for the first time."

Orci and Kurtzman also confirmed that the film would be a re-imagining of the franchise:

"We're not going to start totally from scratch. We want it to feel like it's updated and of the now. That's actually the discussions we're having now: how to keep the look of the universe yet have it not look like nothing's new. It's tricky," Orci said. "When we finally turned in the script I started lining up other directors, and that really got [Abrams] going."