Trekkies 3 In The Works

Roger Nygard's Trekkies has to be the best geek documentary ever made. The second one was a little off the mark because it lacked the hilarious characters that made the first one so great. Instead it voyaged around the world to examine international trekkies (which, as it turns out, are more well adjusted than those based in the US). Development on a Trekkies 3 has begun, so get excited.

The new installment will catch up with the characters from the original documentary, and delve more into the fan films such as "Star Trek: New Voyages" that have exploded on the Internet.

The third film would probably be released directly on DVD like the second installment. But don't run to your local DVD store just yet. Paramount hasn't officially given the greenlight, and the film isn't likely to be released until 2010 or 2011.