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Check out these new stills from The Hills Have Eyes 2.

George Lucas is now claiming that the live action Star Wars television show is still

"years away." He suggests that a "second animated series" might be produced before than.

Laughing Squid always has great photos. This time they invaded the 2007 WonderCon in San Francisco (as seen above). Check them out at

FirstShowing overheard ComicCon officials discussing a confirmed Angelina Jolie appearance at the convention in July. Could this mean she is officially in Sin City 2?Variety speculates how many people 300 will draw to theaters. The studio has decided to market the film to young women due to test audience results (could those results be swayed by fangirls?). Is Warner Bros wasting their money? Call me crazy but I just don't think this film will appeal to women outside of the Gerry fan club. I could be wrong. (I'm pretty sure the film will perform strong, possibly higher than Sin City) But We'll see.