Bad Movies: Next Weekend At Bernies

I never thought I'd see this day, even in the age of horribly direct-to-DVD sequels and remakes, that they would make another Weekend at Bernies movie.

The original was a late 1980's cheese comedy classic which stared Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman as a couple of young executives who must create the illusion that their murdered boss, Bernie Lomax, is alive in order to avoid being questioned about it. The film spawned the horrible 1993 sequel Weekend at Bernie's II.

Well apparently a new Bernies film is in the works at Hyde Park and MGM. Next Weekend at Bernies follows the same formula (two guys, dead boss) but the whole deal takes place at a Ski Lodge instead of the beach house. I can picture the movie trailer in my head now, with dead Bernie skying the slopes. Now that's comedy.

Ashok Amritraj (the new Street Fighter movie) and Jon Jashni (Where the Wild Things Are) are producing. Let's hope this sucker goes direct-to-DVD. I mean, what's the chances this movie could be funny?