The Mummy 3 Details Revealed

It was reported last week that Jet Li had been cast in The Mummy 3. Many people wondered how that could be. Well, now we know (or at least think we know).

"I can't say a lot, we just met with Rob Cohen today, he's going to direct the movie. I will say, it's not set in Egypt and there is a different mummy. ," revealed co-screenwriter Alfred Gough. "It's not Im-Ho-Tep."

We're guessing the next installment might take place in an Asian country, but that's just our guess.

Gough also confirmed plans to bring back main stars Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. And Alex O'Connell, their smart-aleck son introduced in The Mummy Returns, will also be back in the third film, but as "a young adult."

"They came to us three times we said no," Gough revealed. "They had an idea for third MUMMY movie that we always wanted to do as a movie. We said, 'if we don't do it, they'll do it and it will be gone' and we came up with a good family story. With a sequel, it's always about 'what is it's reason to be?' With this one, there is still a story tell about the family, about Alex the son, Rachel and Brendan. Once we had that and this cool new idea, we felt 'yeah, we can do it.' But we said, 'let us develop the story with you [creator] Steve [Sommers], then we'll go pitch it to the studio. We didn't want to sign up, come up with something and then have to sit there for six months and have them shoot it down."

Let's hope it was better than the last one. Because the first one wasn't half-bad.