Page 2: Janet Jackson, Dumbledore, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Eddie Murphy, Grindhouse And More

Janet Jackson has been cast opposite Tyler Perry in his next film, Why Did I Get Married, based on the filmmaker's stage play. Does anyone like these Tyler Perry movies? Anyone?

Harry Potter's Dumbledore, Sir Michael Gambon, is expecting to become a father at age 66.

Photos of Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore in Bikinis smoking a joint? No way.

Dreamgirls star Eddie Murphy stormed out of the Academy Awards after losing the Best Supporting Actor Oscar to Alan Arkin. May-be you shouldn't have made Norbit!

Grab yourself a Grindhouse desktop wallpaper.

Academy Awards viewership went up 3%, but still didn't crack the 40 million-viewer mark as it has three of the past six years. May-be they should hire a funny host next year. Make the show entertaining perhaps? Spread out the major awards? Just a couple thoughts.