Wes Craven Talks Scream 4

Wes Craven has been quoted for years as saying that a fourth Scream movie would never be made. It now looks like he's becoming more open to the possibility.

"Actually, I recieved a call about that for the first time the other day..." Craven told a crowd at the New York Comic-Con. "Obviously, I've been asked about that for a long, long time... I think that it's not completely off the table at this point, as far as the studio making it. I was asked if I'd be interested, but I said it would depend on the script. [Scream 4] isn't something that's around the corner or anything, they are now thinking about it."

Someone call Kevin Williamson quick! Get him started on a new script. It's not like he's busy doing anything else. Actually last we heard from him was 2005. Williamson must have a great idea for a fourth film. Afterall, his career depends on it. And I'm sure Neve Campbell is probably dying to do a cameo. But I say forget her, move on – start over.

I think there is still room for more Scream movies. They need to recapture the smart ideas that made the first film great. And please avoid the self referential movies, with actors playing characters...etc.