Little Miss Sunshine Wins Oscar Poll

We asked you to vote on who would win Best Picture at tonight's 2007 Academy Awards, and you voted. Let's check out the results below.

Little Miss Sunshine won the poll with 41% of the vote. Could the little indie film that could pull an upset tonight? The Departed came in a close second with 37%, followed by Babel. The Queen and Letters From Iwo Jima seem to be the least popular choices. Check out the full results below.

Poll Results

I hope The Departed wins, and wouldn't mind if the Oscar went to either Babel or Little Miss Sunshine. It's always fun to pull for the underdog, especially when you have emotional attachment (I was at the famous LMS premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and have supported the film since). But I agree with the poll results, if The Queen or Iwo Jima pull out the win, I'll be very angry.