2007 Razzie Award Winners Announced

The 2007 Razzie award winners (or should I say losers?) have been announced. Check out the results:

Worst Picture: Basic Instinct 2 (Sony/Columbia)Worst Actress: Sharon Stone for Basic Instinct 2Worst Actor: Marlon Wayans & Shawn Wayans for Little ManWorst Supporting Actress: Carmen Electra for Date Movie and Scary Movie 4Worst Supporting Actor: M. Night Shyamalan for Lady in the WaterWorst Director: M. Night Shyamalan for Lady in the WaterWorst Screen Couple: Shawn Wayans & either Kerry Washington or Marlon Wayans for Little ManWorst Remake Or Rip-off: Little Man (Rip-off of the 1954 Bugs Bunny cartoon "Baby Buggy Bunny")Worst Prequel or Sequel: Basic Instinct 2Worst Screenplay: Basic Instinct 2 (Screenplay by Leora Barish & Henry Bean, Based on Characters Created by Joe Ezsterhas)Worst Excuse for Family Entertainment (New Category, Saluting the Celebs We're ALL Sick & Tired Of!): RV (Sony/Columbia)

Here is a run down of Awards Per Picture:

Basic Instinct 2 [4 "Wins"]

Worst Picture, Worst Actress, Worst Sequel, Worst Screenplay

Little Man [3 "Wins"]

Worst Actor, Worst Screen Couple and Worst Remake/Rip-Off

Lady in the Water [2 "Wins"]

Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Director

I think they're being a little too hard of Lady in the Water. But then again, I was one of the few people who enjoyed the film. What do you guys think was the worst movies and performances of the year?